Bitcoin Progressive Jackpot Slots

As an online slot player you will probably have given a few of the progressive slot games a little play time at one time or another, with some multimillion dollar jackpots on offer and with a huge array of different themes and bonus games they really are the most exciting slots to play.

Should you have started to use Bitcoins and are on the hunt for some Bitcoin Progressive slot games to play, but be a little confused in regards to the way they work, play and operate, then have a look through our easy to follow guide below, which will completely enlighten you in regards to how Bitcoin Progressive slots work!

Staking Bitcoin Progressive Slots

As with any progressive slot game when you are playing Bitcoin progressive slot machines you always need to be aware of and understand just how the progressive jackpot can be awarded when playing any such slot.

The majority of Bitcoin and standard progressive slots will require you to place a maximum stake spin into live play to activate the progressive jackpot part of that slot game, and this information will always be provided on the slot games pay table so do make sure you read it and always play the required stake limit to guarantee that you are not going to miss out on the jackpot payout!

One very commonly asked question in regards to playing Bitcoin Progressive slot games is into the actual staking of your slot spins and funding your Bitcoin Casino accounts, as you will be aware one Bitcoin is worth a massive amount of cash and no one except for the very highest high roller will be able to play slots for one Bitcoin per spin!

When you fund most Bitcoin Casino accounts and wish to play their games every one Bitcoin you deposit will equate to 100 credits and as such this will be the currency exchange rate option you will be using to fund each game.

Some Bitcoin Casinos let you play in Bitcoins instead of using the 100 casino credits per Bitcoin option and as such you can reduce the stake levels down to a fraction of a Bitcoin to enable you to play slots for relatively low stakes and not one Bitcoin per spin!

Types of Bitcoin Progressive Slots

There are now several different types of Progressive Bitcoin slot games that are readily available to you when playing at any of our rated Bitcoin Casino sites, and as such if you have ever visited a land based casino before then the actual number of Progressive Bitcoin slots will be as wide and varied as in those venues!

The most commonly found Bitcoin Progressive slots are the easy to play Classic type of Progressive games, these all offer three reels however to have a chance of walking away with the mega sized progressive jackpot you need to always put into play the maximum number of coins on the slot game, which will be shown on the pay table!

These Progressive slots can have usually one to five optional paylines, and as such always play the maximum number of paylines and the maximum number of coins permitted per spin for by doing so you will guarantee that you get the highest payout percentage these types of slots offer.

Another commonly found type of Bitcoin progressive slot are those which have been designed and built around a video slot format, these types of slots all offer five reels, however, the actual number of paylines you can set into live play will vary from machine to machine.

You will find in general that Bitcoin Progressive Video Slots offer you a much more entertaining and exciting type of playing session due to these slots offering one of more bonus type games that can be triggered.

It is worth noting that you can play Bitcoin Progressive Video Slot and win a progressive jackpot by either lining up the jackpot paying combination on certain paylines, or you could win a jackpot completely at random, so keep your eyes peeled for the many new randomly awarded progressive jackpot paying Bitcoin slots of which they are many of them now available to play online!