Multi Payline Bitcoin Slots

Besides the basic one payline slots that offer only one chance to players to win or lose on a single spin, there are multi payline slots where the chances of winning are maximised. When Bitcoin slots feature more than one payline, they are called multi payline Bitcoin slots.

Multi payline slots are very popular among casino fans and this resulted in a huge number of Bitcoin slots with 20, 30 and even 50 paylines. More paylines means that not only a player can have multiple wins in a single spin, but also that he can at least win back the initial bet amount.

Various Kinds of Multi Line Bitcoin Slots

Since the rise of multi line Bitcoin slots, software providers started making mostly this kind of slots. There are three most commonly found categories of multi payline slots found at popular Bitcoin slots casinos:

  • 20 payline Bitcoins slots – as the name suggests, Bitcoin slots can have 20 paylines with different patterns that can be very profitable for players;
  • 30 payline Bitcoin slots – these are regularly offered slots at Bitcoin casinos and players can usually choose the number of paylines before hitting the “Spin” button;
  • 50 payline Bitcoin slots – even though some people think that 50 paylines are too many, some Bitcoin slots offer players the chance to play with up to 50 paylines every single session.

How to Select the Number of Paylines

Certain Bitcoin slots that feature multi paylines allow players to choose the number of paylines each game session, whereas others have a fixed number of paylines that cannot be changed. Those that do offer this option usually have a special button on the interface that has to be clicked in order to add one additional payline.

For example, on the Bitcoin slot Heist players can see a black button between the maximum bet and bet size commands. Every time that button is pressed, the player chooses to play with one payline more.

Once the screen shows all of the 30 paylines, another click will return the player to a single payline and so on. When the desired number of paylines is selected, the player should decide the initial bet amount and start playing by hitting “Spin.”

Pros and Cons of Multi Line Slots

Every feature has its positive and negative aspects; this is also the case with multi line Bitcoin slots. Whether these games are right for you depends completely on your expectation. However, here are the most important pros and cons of Bitcoin multi line slots.


Playing with several paylines at the same time maximises the player’s chances of scoring a winning combination. Bitcoin slots also offer the chance of breaking even after a spin, whereas this is not possible on single payline slots.

Finally, many progressive jackpots can be won only if the player plays with the maximum number of paylines. Hence, it can be very profitable to play with multi paylines.


Sometimes it can be confusing for players to understand what is happening on the screen when there are 30 or 50 paylines. This can kill the fun and make the game not that interesting.

Furthermore, playing with multi paylines is more costly than playing with only one payline. Hence, it is advisable to play multi payline slots that offer very low minimum bet amounts.

Popular Multi Payline Slots

Most of the latest 5 reel and 3D Bitcoin video slots offer the multi payline option. Hence, popular games such as Gonzo’s Quest, Aztec Treasures, Under The Bed and Rockstar are only several slots of the wide multi line Bitcoin slots selection.