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Popular Bitcoin Slot Games

There are quite a number of questions you may have in regards to the way Bitcoin slots work and operate, whilst you may be fully aware of how a Classic, Video or even Progressive slot works when it comes to playing slots that accept Bitcoins you may be a little confused!

However we have compiled this quite easy to follow guide which covers all aspects of Bitcoin slots, and as such if you are thinking of joining the digital currency revolution and wish to use Bitcoins to play slots online, then have a good read through it, for they really are as easy to play as any other slot you will come across!

Bitcoin Slot Game Stakes

When you are accessing and playing at an online casino that accepts Bitcoins you may be wondering just how the actual staking of the slots they offer works. As you may be aware the actual value of Bitcoins constantly changes both upwards and downwards, and as such you may be thinking that Bitcoin sots are expensive to play.

You will come across two different ways of staking a Bitcoin slot, some casinos will exchange each Bitcoin you deposit for 100 casino credits, and when such a site does this you can then set the stakes at which you play their slots much like you would when playing in any other currency.

This means you can opt to play the Bitcoin slots for stakes of as little as 0.01 or in increments of 1.00 in their casino credits. If the Bitcoin Casino at which you are playing at uses actual Bitcoins as the currency credited to your account then you are also able to reduce the value of each spin by playing at stakes such as one hundredth of a Bitcoin and any increment upwards thereof.

So to conclude, when playing Bitcoin slots online you can play for very low or very high stakes much like you would when depositing in currencies such as Dollars, Euro’s or UK Pounds.

Are Bitcoin Slots Fair and Random?

Another commonly asked question in regards to Bitcoin slots and one which is of course a very important question is in regards to them being completely fair and honest, and how can you be sure that you are getting a fair and random game when playing them online.

There are two ways in which Bitcoin slots arrive at the result of each spin, the first way is identical to when you play any currently available slot game from any of the major casino software platforms, and this is by these slots using a random number generator.

As soon as the slot reels have been set in motion the random number generator selects a number which is then transformed into either a winning spin or a losing spin. Many Bitcoin slots work in this way including those casinos which utilize the main software providers gaming platforms, and as such you are guaranteed a completely fair gaming session when playing these kinds of slots.

There is another way in which a Bitcoin slot game will determine whether you are going to have a winning or a losing spin, and this is whereby a random string algorithm is used to determine whether you are going to have a winning or losing spin, however this is then stored online and time stamped so at the end of any session or spin you can double check the result which will prove you are receiving a completely fair game.

Types of Bitcoin Slots

You are going to find just as many different categories of Bitcoin slots online as you would when playing in a standard online casino site that accepts multiple or single currencies. So if you love nothing more than playing very basic, Classic slot machines then you will find more than enough of these types of slots.

Bitcoin Classic slots come with just three reels and you can play one set payline per spin, however there are a few of these types of slots which now let you play up to five paylines per spin, but they all offer no kind of bonus game, just a fast playing base game on which any amount of cash can be won!

There are just as many Bitcoin Bonus Video slots now available online as you would find when playing at any other online casino, and as such if you like action packed playing sessions which can see you triggering many different kinds of bonus games and bonus rounds then do consider playing Bitcoin Video slots as they really are highly entertaining slots to play.

Progressive Bitcoin slot games are starting to appear online in growing numbers, you can win a progressive jackpot when playing these types of slot games either instantly and randomly or when you manage to line up the jackpot paying symbols as described on the slots pay table!

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